Wright Marble Ltd have been crafting premium quality cultured marble and solid surface bench tops, surrounds and paneling since 1976. We supply the architectural, joinery, building, and retail markets, in both the commercial and residential sectors.

In 1994 the manufacturing plant was moved to a new purpose built factory and show-room. This enabled us to enlarge our processing capabilities and to focus on specialised custom techniques including solid casting, post- and in-mold spray application, and glass fibre reinforcing. In 2007, continued growth and the purchase of new solid surface equipment required another shift to larger premises at 464 St Asaph Street.

With our flexible manufacturing systems we can produce a flawless, durable and aesthetically appealing solid surface finish to suit almost all situations and applications.

We specialise in custom manufacturing to almost any size, shape and colour. Finishes offered include plain, granite, matte, satin, gloss and various textures.

Kymira has been installed throughout New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Japan, Tahiti, the Maldives and India.

Wright Marble Ltd is constantly assessing overseas trends and new innovative methods of manufacturing, so as to remain at the forefront of this exciting form of surfacing material.

We welcome any new approaches to design application and use. If you require any information or feedback on your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kymira’s beauty and durability, matched with an endless array of design possibilities makes it a favourite with designers for home, hospitality, healthcare and commercial interiors. Some of Kymira’s many features that simply outperform ordinary surfacing products include;

With it’s silky warm feel and seamless construction, Kymira is extremely tactile, and unlike other bench top surfaces you have complete control over the texture and look of your Kymira top. Light, sparsely dispersed granules are a nice compliment to natural timber environments. Large chips of colour can bring out highlights to match your existing decor. Small, low contrast particles give Kymira a tone-on-tone colour effect. 

Superior Performance
A durable and hard wearing surface, Kymira is resistant to common household chemicals, as well as every day wear and tear. Kymira is non-porous, making it incredibly stain resistant and helping to keep bacteria at bay. And because accidents do happen, Kymira is easily repaired, meaning damage such as cuts, burns, scratches or cracks from life’s little mishaps don’t have to spell disaster.

Kymira offers you the ability to design without constraints. Where joins may be required Kymira has a fusing system which leaves joints virtually invisible and truly seamless, meaning size is no limitation; neither are complex shapes or sites with limited access.

Custom Applications
Let your inner creative-self loose with inlays, back lighting, seam-less splash backs, under mounted or top mounted sinks, custom detailing and so much more.

Care and Maintenance

Kymira is an extremely durable and versatile material. With normal use and certain precautions, it will maintain its appearance for many years. To keep Kymira looking its best, we advise the following maintenance procedures: 

Kymira tops may look a little dull and patchy when they are first installed. This is normal and they will develop a more consistent look after 2 to 3 weeks.     

Kymira should be cleaned using general cleaners such as spray and wipe or warm soapy water and a soft cloth. To remove small scratches and marks, occasionally go over the surface with water and liquid Jif and a damp cloth, using a circular motion. Dark colours will require more care than light ones.           

  • Kymira may be damaged by placing hot pans or trays from the oven or stove top directly on to it; always use a heat shield or insulated pad under crock pots, electric fry pans or other hot pots. Pots and pans must not extend past the cooking surface as radiant heat can crack the surface. A wok burner is designed for a wok, not flat bottomed pans.   

  • Do not cut directly onto your Kymira surface. Whilst cuts can be removed from the surface it is recommended that you always use a chopping board.

  • Avoid allowing harsh chemicals such as nail polish remover, oven cleaner or drain cleaners to come into contact with Kymira.  If any of these chemicals are spilt they must be flushed from the surface with warm soapy water immediately.  


  • Difficult marks to remove may be rubbed with a cream cleaner such as liquid Jif, or diluted Janola.                                                                         

  • To remove deep scratches or cuts from Kymira, wet sand using a block or dry sand using a random orbital sander with 400 grit sandpaper. Sand in a circular motion over a wider area to prevent hollowing until the scratches have been removed. Use a grey Scotchbrite pad with a cream cleaner (Jif) over the entire top.    If your top is a gloss finish it will require machine buffing.                                                                                                       

  • Matte finish tops can be periodically resurfaced by going over the entire surface with a cream cleaner and a Scotchbrite pad. These can be obtained from Wright Marble.        

If Kymira is chipped or damaged, it can be easily refilled and invisibly repaired by using a repair kit available from Wright Marble Ltd. 


For a Warranty form click here

It is important that you read the care and maintenance information above carefully, as Kymira's warranty is dependent of the following of procedures as laid out therein. Misuse may void the warranty.

Wright Marble will, in the event of a claim being made and at its sole discretion, replace, repair or refund up to the original price paid, for a period of eight years after the original purchase date.

Physical abuse such as heat cracking (and associated damage), burns, cuts,  or impact, stress (e.g. heavy load) and chemical damage are not covered by the warranty.

Although premium quality pigments have been used in Kymira, Wright Marble Ltd have no control over the environmental conditions that Kymira may be subjected to, and therefore the warranty does not extend to colour changes.

Samples of Kymira, which you may be provided with prior to your purchase are only representative and are not an exact replication of what will be supplied. Slight variations in the colour are to be expected with this type of product.


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